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About Us

Welcome to iMatrix Technologies UAE

iMatrix Technologies L.L.C, Sharjah Media City was ESTABLISHED in 2018. From a humble beginning of few employees and dependent on few projects. Our core business is supply of electrical and associated products to electrical contractors and allied industries.
iMatrix Technologies L.L.C, Sharjah Media City is committed to excellence in quality assurance through commitment and teamwork, INSURING cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery to be competitive in providing quality products and services to the satisfaction of our customers in the electrical industry.

Our Vision

Strive for excellence in all we do through socially & environmentally acceptable means and share the benefits with the society

Our Mission

We will have MARKET leadership through customer delight. We will be a responsible corporate citizen and share the benefits with society. We will make our customers, employees, suppliers and share holders feel proud of our association and want a long-term relationship with us.

Quality Policy

1. Respect and concern for individuals, Customers, Employees and Suppliers - PARTNERS in the Value Chain 2. Encourage innovation and improvement; accept noble failures 3. Continuous learning.

Corporate Code of Conduct


This code will apply to all Staff. All Directors and staff must act within the bounds of authority conferred upon them with a duty to make and enact informed decisions and policies in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders. In order to maintain the high standards, the following rules / code of conduct should be observed in all the ACTIVITIES of the Board and the Senior MANAGEMENT. The Managing Director will act as the facilitator, who will be available to all the directors and senior management personnel to answer questions and to help them comply with the code.

Honesty and Integrity

They shall conduct their activities, on behalf of the company, with honesty, integrity and fairness They will act in good faith, responsibly with due care, competence and diligence, without allowing their independent judgement to be subordinated They will act in the best INTERESTS of the company and fulfill the fiduciary obligations

Conflict of Interest

They shall not engage in any business, relationship or ACTIVITY, which is likely to develop a conflict of interest with the Company Conflicts can arise in many situations. It is not possible to cover every possible conflict situation and at times, it will not be easy to distinguish between proper and improper activity Some of the common circumstances that may lead to actual or potential conflict of interest are: 1. Any activity / EMPLOYMENT that interferes with the performance or responsibility to the company or is otherwise in conflict with or prejudicial to the company. 2. INVESTMENTS by them / their family members viz. parents, spouse and sons / daughters, in unlisted entities of competitors, customers,suppliers and any other investments that compromise their responsibility to the company 3. They will act in the best Interests of the company and fulfill the fiduciary obligations.


Efforts have to be taken to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, both in letter and spirit. Any possible violation of law, rules, regulations or the code of conduct has to be reported to the MANAGING Director, who will be available to assist in interpreting the appropriateness of any event or action or proposed event or action, in this context.

Confidentiality of Information

Any information concerning the company's business, its customers, suppliers and other STAKEHOLDERS which is not in the public domain and which they possess or have access to, must be kept in strict confidence unless disclosure is authorized or becomes a legal requirement.

Insider Trading

They should not derive any benefit or assist others in deriving any benefit by giving INVESTMENT ADVICE based on their access to and possession of information about the company, not in public domain and therefore constituting insider information.

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office 10, Level 1, Sharjah
Media City, Sharjah, UAE.